So I have it planned.  Over the Easter weekend I will dust off my old notes, scraps of paper and take another look at the giant Post-It notes I stuck to my wall well over a year ago.  I have a book in me.  I know I do, however I just can’t seem to find the time and the inspiration to give it what it’s missing and finish it.

Koshin and the Cow is based on a little boy I met in Varanassi 7 years ago.  It’s hard for me to imagine him as the teenager he would be now, as to me he will always be a frail little boy of about 7 or 8 but looking much younger dressed in a 1970’s vintage shirt, brown polyester pants that swung at the ankles with neat sewing patches on the knees, a severe parting and shoes far too big for him which clung on to sockless feet.  He sold postcards in the alleys and on the tourist corners, he took money but also happily took food and chai as payment.

Koshin and the Cow is aimed at children the same age or a little older.  There may be book shelves full of wizards and vampires and hobbits and monsters, but another country, other cultures can be just as magical and fascinating to a child.  How do I know?.. Because they are to me.

I commit to sharing parts of the book with you and sharing my IBook self publishing journey!

koshin and the cow image