Why do we wait?  Surely its better to tackle that tight waistband before the Christmas break rather than have to fight the extra 5kgs gained in the New Year? We put off those challenges and over many years we  are brought up to think  through our culture and and powerful and never ending advertising campaigns that ‘It’s ok, I can sort it all out in the new year’.

Well for me, I start out strong. No booze, hitting the gym with a million other people but as the weeks go by the bars in the city get busier and the gyms become quieter and my resolve crumbles a little.  But that’s ok, we all have goals and we all have bad days, someone said to me once ‘It’s not what happens, its how you deal with it that counts’.  I don’t always follow that advice but I know that I should!


So, for the days I do have one too many frozen margaritas Hairy Lemon is there to refresh me, give me a boost and back into the land of the living again. How do I know? The good people at Hairy lemon sent me some product to try and its not bad stuff!

The Vitamin B helps me stay calm, focused and ready to face the week again while the Vitamins, Guarana and Ginseng give me a little energy kick in the butt to sign up for that spin class on Monday!

So don’t be too hard on yourself if you have broken a resolution already, it really is a pressured time to handle the big stuff for everyone, so don’t sweat it . Take comfortable, realistic steps and you will be a better version of yourself in no time and if you happen to wake up with a hangover, think of the good times the night before, take a Hairy Lemon and plan Monday!