I’ve been busy with my copywriting business lately which has left little time for my creative side.  I’ve felt a little ‘written off’ (sorry for the cheesy pun!).  So I decided to put down the chewed to death ball point pen before it cracks and leaks in my mouth and pick up a couple of books to read.

I have been drawn to two autobiographical books written by two strong women in the public eye.  Very different women from areas and lifestyles I didn’t even think I cared about (in fact I really don’t give a toss).  Reality TV and high fashion.

I don’t watch the Real Housewives, their squawking drives me insane and I am so far removed from high fashion (Target is my fashion house of choice), but for whatever reason these books came into my hands and I decided to read them.

The first is written by the ball breaking, formidable PR Queen of New York. Kelly Cutrone.  Kelly inspired me through her determination and complete faith in the strength of the female.  What resonated with me  in her brilliantly titled ‘If you have to cry go outside’ most, was the importance stressed in having your own tribe.

When you are away from home and away from family then your tribe are the friends, mentors and go to people you know you can truly trust to be honest and loyal to you.  These are hard to come by and it can take years before you have a strong tribe around you. I have a very small but reliable tribe.

The second book was a strange choice for me.  Bethenny Frankel’s  ‘A Place Of Yes’.  Now, before you click away (I know its a really wanky book title), I am not into airy fairy self help books myself, most are nothing more than self indulgent claptrap.  This book is not one of those books.  It is however a very honest book about a women in her early 40’s who has only in recent years begun to figure it all out.  This, is where my interest comes in.  She’s a great lady, she has her own successful businesses, a husband and even a baby.  Is she a warm and fuzzy, smiley, fragile lady who never does or says anything hurtful? No.  She’s real, she’s not even trying to change that much, just to do things a little differently and learnt to check herself when she knows she’s being out of line.  This book really is a must-read for any woman in  her mid-thirties who might be wondering why she hasn’t got it all figured out yet.

Cocktails and books, two of my favourite things!

So.. now that i’m all empowered and saying yes to everything I must admit I do have a bit of she-wolf spirit back in me and a positive attitude to have a crack at some creative stuff!  All I need to do add a couple of wolves to my wolf pack (my current wolves all have impeccably cut brunette fringes) and say yes….. surely thats a start!