If you’re over 30 you might struggle with the fact that its actually 22 years since the creative genius of Jim Henson left us.

To anyone who is in the arts, creative in any way or grew up in the 1980’s this guy is a hero.  His creativity is unsurpassed.  He was the cornerstone of my childhood in the 1980’s and his legacy lives on with the muppets today as well as  inspiring many children’s programs and films.  I remember fondly me and brother settling down to watch the muppets with mum and dad.  Even my parents couldn’t resist singing to the opening theme tune.

For me, proof of his genius is in this photo.  When I saw it, my heart sank a little and felt extremely sad for Kermit.  Yes, a puppet that isn’t real.  But at 36 years old it still got to me.  Jim  Henson made his puppets so ‘real’.  Not in the way they looked,  or moved but the way they spoke and acted.  It’s like they all have their own little muppet souls.

I wanted to share with you one of my most favourite muppet moments.  A tender performance by Robin the Frog (Kermit’s cousin).

You are missed Mr Henson.