After reading and becoming slightly obsessed with the anniversary of Scott of the Antarctic and his last letter to his wife, I took some time out to wander the internet in search of other significant letters in history. In doing so I stumbled across this great find for anyone with an interest in words, language, history and pop culture.

Letters of note

Letters of note is an intriguing website where you can spend hours peeping into the worlds of the famous, literary or otherwise.  Little pieces of history on parchment and paper. What I love about this website is how they show a copy of the original handwritten note or letter along with a transcript for easy reading.  My personal favourites are one from Tolkien to the Nazis and a note from a young Slash from Guns & Roses who had been dumped by his girlfriend for talking about the guitar too much.

Great reads and should be in everyone’s favourites list to dip in and out over a lunch, a tea break or a welcome distraction.