The Wiggles may not be as nice and wholesome as they perceive to be. Money corrupts us all eventually.  A primary coloured skivvy is no protection.

That street slang such as YOLO and SWAG make me vomit.  “who needs grades when you have SWAG” is probably one of the most frightening statements of 2012.  Who are the role models for this generation? Five years from now the YOLO tattoo will take the ink shame crown from the tramp stamp.

That a promise isn’t always kept, so never expect them to be. Think of it as a nice suprise if it happens.

That some people sadly are just ‘wired up’ wrong.  Maybe we should look at fixing them before they short-circuit completely and take others with them.

That my hero Horatio from CSI Miami was cut this year.  But he will always be in my heart, and in re-runs on TV1.