Charlie Sheen and his crazy disconnected tweets got me thinking…

Whatever happens to Charlie god bless him, whether he might one day return to us here on earth and get off the hallucinogens or the goddesses go home to their parents for some soul searching. Or, maybe he continues down the crazy Howard Hughes path to insanity creating his own Spruce Goose, one thing is for sure. His tweets and ramblings on the internet are here to stay. They will never be removed and will follow him and be dug up anytime or anywhere his name is mentioned.

Go back over hundred years and it’s not that different, just not that accessible to the wider world. Keats recently had one of his most private, innermost love letters sold at auction for more than $150,000USD by an American private collector. Just goes to show that once you put pen to paper it becomes a commitment that you can’t erase and could potentially be out there for all to read.

I’ve had very few large rows with family, lovers, and friends at very few points in my life. I would rather forget all of them. You are probably wincing now as you think back to one of these awful backbiting arguments in your murky past. The ones you can’t move on from, the ones you can’t forget and are stuck just under the surface. For me, one of the most painful arguments came with a barrage of emails I received from a past friend. I have kept them. Why? No idea. Maybe I am keeping them as some kind of proof, not that I ever intend to use it. We tend to keep these kinds of letters and emails. Under the floorboards, tick tock.

Tick Tock

On the flipside, I’ve kept special love drenched notes from past loves and family. Emails, cheeky notes, newspaper clippings, Post-it’s with a crudely drawn love heart on them, or lines from a song, a secret code to speak to each other. These are precious and kept in an equally precious box, these things we treasure. We pay a bit extra and spend time browsing for just the right box in a stationers to house these written gifts. Sometimes we scent them, and sometimes they are bound carefully with ribbon. Why? Because these aren’t just scribbles of paper but a moment in time, a thought a feeling a REAL, genuine feeling that someone had for you and how special is that?

Are these notes letters and cards going to dwindle to younger generations? Does a Facebook post, a text or a tweet hold the same meaning? Not really. If you have something to say, something you mean then put pen to paper, handwrite it, take the time and care and you will not go far wrong.

Just be prepared that long after your soul has left this planet to join Charlie’s brain, someone may make a quick buck after discovering your innermost thoughts!