Its always great for a writer who has finally plucked up the courage to let the public read their work get great comments and feedback. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and we really appreciate and treasure every one we get!

The details below would usually be in the comments pages but I really felt that the below email I received conveyed exactly the point I am trying to get across in my post “Thank you for the music”. That certain songs become “yours” because they describe more about a situation, a feeling or a person than we ever could.

Enjoy the read, listen to the song below and if you like it, buy it!! Or make a resolution to enjoy some quality music at some gigs this summer…..

“We’re actually just now releasing Eli’s first single to radio, it’s
called ‘It don’t matter to me’ and when you wrote…’know that quietly
inside yourself everthing is going to be OK’ the sentiment matched
that of the song so I wanted to send you an email to let you know.”

Anyway, if you feel like having a listen it’s the first track at is some info below too about Eli
if you feel like having a browse.

Eli Wolfe plays at the Campbells Cove stage from 12.15pm – 1.15pm (Wed
26 Jan)

11-14 Feb Australian Blues Music Festival, Goulburn NSW
18 Feb-3 Mar Perth to Margaret River tour, WA, incl Norfolk Hotel,
Settler’s Tavern and Perth Blues Club
4-6 March Nannup Music Festival, WA
9-13 March Canadian Music Festival, Canadian Music Week (showcase
23 Mar-17 Apr Canadian tour
More TBA

On the back of all these shows, Eli is now independently releasing his

brand new, self-titled debut album. An emotive and thought provoking
listening experience, the album also features Eli’s own detailed
illustrations and artwork. With his poetic lyrics, 6 and 12-string
guitars, and warm and colourful sonic textures, Eli Wolfe creates a
refreshing and original Australian sound. The self-titled album is out

now through MGM in Australia.